Pet Library

Introducing the Kindred Splendor Pet Library! Our Pet Library allows you to see examples of different pets and illustrations we have done for other valuable customers such as yourself.  

Due to the custom nature of our products and the fact all photos are illustrated by hand, we aren't able to provide previews of your exact pet's illustration prior to purchase however we are able to show you illustrations of your pet's type or breed. We hope this will allow you to put your faith in Kindred Splendor to create your precious custom pet portrait, phone case or blanket and join the over 15,000 happy pet parents that have allowed us to do this for them.  

"We are still in the process of updating our Pet Library and not all pet types or breeds are currently displayed.

This is does NOT mean we cannot illustrate your pet or pet's breed, only that we haven't had the chance to upload others to our library." - Kindred Splendor Team